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Experience the Difference in Care and Quality for You and Your Horse

Boarding at HPEC

We are proud to offer superior care for your horse.  Our trained, caring, and alert staff ensure that all boarders are taken care of with the best we have to offer.

There are two boarding options: barn and pasture

In the Barn each horse has a 14 ft x 14 ft stall which includes daily turnout and mucking, and twice daily feeding of up to 4 flakes per day of our choice orchard or alfalfa from the Kittitas Valley and bedding.  We will feed your pre-packaged servings of grain and supplements at the time of feeding based on your direction. 

In the Pasture each horse has a protected run in shed with water and feed bins and unrestricted access to their own turnout area.  These horses are not turned out but have ample room to stretch their legs.  The same feeding and cleaning as the barn stalls without the bedding.

    Exterior Stalls include a small run out and are                $600/ mo
    Interior Stalls do not include an attached run and are     $560/ mo
    Pasture                                                                          $500/ mo 

Other Services:

$30/mo    Large Tack Sheds
$25/hr      Holding Fee
$60/mo    Blanketing service
$30/mo     Fly Mask service


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